BC Xtreme - the only scuba shop in Danville VA within a 50 mile radius. We are a fully equipped shop that services the equipment we sell and often equipment that needs overhauled. We also have an air compressor on site. We are committed to giving our customers a great diving experience. Our shop sells equipment from the best manufacturers in the world. We are members of the PDRA that maintain three separate Quarry's. We encourage our diver's to become members to experience diving with other diver's as friendships are kindled and grow.


Our staff consists of 4 instructors and 4 dive masters. Each one brings a unique experience to our program. One consistency with them is their love of diving and making sure each student enjoys the classes they take.

JD Emerson - Instructor with over 40 years experience in diving. Since retiring from his public job, he has been able to pursue his passion in diving as a highly educated instructor and sharing his love for diving. JD has been diving in numerous places around the world in locations such as Asia, the Caribbean, Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Susan Emerson - Dive master with 27 years experience. Susan enjoys working with the students. She has been scuba diving in locations such as the Caribbean, Guam, Hawaii, Florida, North & South Carolina.

Jeremy Hood - If you have been certified within the last two years, you will remember our Dive master Jeremy Hood. He is now one of our  Instructor's.  Jeremy looks forward to working with new students and helping certified divers with there continuing education in Diving. He really likes helping Divers pick out there dive gear . If you are planning a Dive Trip or have been Dreaming of a Dive Vacation Jeremy would love to help you plan the trip . Jeremy is also the Supervisor of the States of Virginia dive Team (DGIF).

Mike Bennett - An Instructor who can certify you from many different area's. He travel's and can schedule classes around the day to day routine he keeps with National Guard. Well educated and happy to help educate through his love of diving.

Stephen Davis - With his passion in diving & traveling, he is well versed on wonderful places to dive. As an Instructor, he is great with one on one instruction. He has the ability to teach you to dive and help you excell to higher levels with ease.

Tim Farmer - Better known as "Stump", he loves to Dive and assist with students. He is one of our Main Underwater Construction Diver's. Him & Jeremy work well as a team under difficult circumstances.

Joe Davis - Dive Master up and rolling, he is about to retire from the working world and enjoy a bit more of diving. Love's to go on trips and assist anyone he can to become a better diver.

Kyle Duffer - One of our Dive Master's that works well with the public. He travel's and loves to go on dive excursion's with groups of people and assist with check out dive's in warmer water. He is affiliated with National Guard to protect our Country.

Hanna Davis - Up and running, we can't hold her back. As a dive Master,she lead 9 dives in Bonaire and all 11 of us loved every minute. She's a pleasure to be around and we never know what she will come up with next. Along with her love of diving she is currently in school as an up and coming Veterinarian.

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